Content auditing

With millions of web pages currently live, we need to reduce the clutter. Users need to be able easily to find and do what they need. A content audit is where we begin.

Content auditing takes a close look at your digital estate. This could be anything from 50 websites to 15 applications or a single service. You can gain a clear understanding of what you have and where it lives even if only to begin thinking about maintenance or content removal.

During the task you will gather evidence to make decisions and plan actions such as:

  • removing unnecessary content
  • improving the quality of what remains
  • finding content gaps

Why audit content?

Around 55% of Australians who look up government information and services online experience a problem as research tells us. Government publishes a lot of information and it can be hard to understand. Users often find it hard to work out what we are asking them to do.

A good content audit can help you scope and budget for content improvement and reduction projects.

It also helps you create benchmarks to report on improvements over the content lifecycle.

How to