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Content strategy

A content strategy guides the creation, delivery and governance of useful, usable content.

Why is content strategy important?

All government content should be guided by a content strategy. This gives you a framework to:

  • define and create content that meets your users' and agency’s needs
  • improve the findability and clarity of your content
  • align your people and processes to the same goals
  • strengthen your agency’s workflow, sign-off and publishing check-points
  • continually maintain, remove and improve your content

When should you do a content strategy?

At the start of a new project

A content strategy is a critical step at the beginning of any new project that involves content. It happens before the content is created. You can use a content strategy for:

  • new services
  • new applications
  • new websites
  • website redesign

If content needs improving

A content strategy can also be used to improve existing content. For example:

  • adding new information to a website
  • Machinery of Government (MOG) changes
  • migrating content to a new system

Get started

A content audit is typically a first step in starting a content strategy. This helps you understand your current digital estate. A content audit can cover a single website or service or multiple.

Topics coming soon: removing content, creating accessible content, user-centred content, getting sign-offs and working with different types of content and more.

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Join the content community

Content Design in Australian Government is a community of practice for people working in government content including content editing, content design, content strategy, communications, marketing, publishing, user experience, accessibility and more.

The group shares experiences, ideas and learnings so that we can all help to deliver better public services for Australians. It is open to anyone working in government who can provide a government email.

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