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Why use a content strategy

A content strategy is a critical step at the start of any new project that involves content. It happens before the content is created and continues when the content is live.

Create a content strategy for:

  • new services
  • new websites
  • website redesign
  • Machinery of Government changes
  • big content changes

Get started on your strategy

Practical guidance, tools and templates to help you put your content strategy together. You can work through the phases below to build your strategy, or as you need.

Clean up

After analysing your content, it will become clear that some content and websites are no longer required.

Set the foundations

Build on your strategy with a solid foundation for both internal and external users.

Create user-centred content

Now you’ve implemented your content strategy, make sure you set up processes to maintain and continually improve it.


Join the content community

Content Design in Australian Government is a community of practice for people working in government content including content editing, content design, content strategy, communications, marketing, publishing, user experience, accessibility and more.

The group shares experiences, ideas and learnings so that we can all help to build better public services for Australians. It is open to anyone working in government who can provide a government email.

To become a part of this group please email