Use formatting carefully to make content easier to scan.


Avoid using italics.

Screen readers interpret italics in different ways.

Users with dyslexia can find italics very difficult to read.

Don’t use italics in headlines.

Use title case not italics for acts and other publications. Link to the source where possible.

Avoid Latin words

Instead of Latin words, use plain English where possible.

Example of

avoiding Latin words

a long time — not ad infinitum

See guidance on eg, ie, etc and nb.

An exception would be for scientific names.

Declare the language as Latin in the HTML so the screen reader will pronounce it correctly.


Avoid using bold.

Bolding a word can help scannability. But blocks of bold text are hard to read.

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Don’t underline or underscore any text.

Underlining makes text look like a link.

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